Why We Were Late + Adventure Party Cheats!

Hi,HNPS group bring you newest things now:

Adventure party get started now. And free items, background came 🙂 you have gotta find all of these to get the new background.

The first one go to the underground pool and click on the fish.

Now go to the cove and click on the curly flower 🙂

Now go to the dock and click on the turtle 😛

Next go to the snow forts and click on flowers 😛ScreenHunter_18 Jun. 12 20.30

Next go to the ice berg and click on the water.

Now go to the plaza and click on the flowers up right.

Next go to the beach and click bubbles on water 😉

Last one go to forest and click on flower 🙂

Click on the Claim Prize to get

You have it after click “Yes” button

Also there is a free item for all 🙂 go to the plaza and get it i couldn’t show you other item because CP didnt load 😦 sorry
                                             WHY WE WERE LATE?!
We were late to post in these days because we had a channel and started to make videos 🙂 i hope you like the channel its:


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  1. stevenf50
    Jun 25, 2009 @ 18:39:49

    cOOL Post


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