We wont quit+easter egg hunt+suprise!

hi…! HNPS group bring you newest things now…! i know im late but i knew easter egg hunt came but i didnt post it on our site because we was thinking about we will quit or we wont why: because our best-oldest-rarest item came out “pink bunny ears” but we wont quit because we still want help you about cp SUPRİSE: suprise is you can find pandanda cheats here anymore 🙂 ! LETS GO here is the easter egg hunt cheats:

You need some eggs to get pink bunny ears here is:
 first egg is on light you need click it and click egg…!
 second egg is in the water you need click it…!

Here is the another egg its at the mine click on the cart surfer game for egg and click on the egg! 🙂 
Here is the fourth egg its on the dojo courtyard…!
fifth egg is at the gift shop!
sixth easter egg is in ski lodge you must click on the fish…!
seventh easter egg is in the mountain click on top of the pole…!
here is the last easter egg…!

i hope we helped 😉 -HNPS-


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